FrameStar® 96 Well Semi-Skirted PCR Plate, Roche Style, Plus qPCR Seal

FrameStar® 96 Well Semi-Skirted PCR Plate, Roche Style, Plus qPCR Seal
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FrameStar® Plates (4ti-0950/C) plus qPCR Seal (4ti-0560), combi pack

+ qPCR Adhesive Seal (4ti-0560), plates + sheets
Designed for and tested on Roche blocks; with low profile 0.15 ml polypropylene wells, a rigid semi-skirted polycarbonate frame, and a cut corner at H12
Our FrameStar® Roche Style plates are designed to achieve optimised assay conditions on the Roche LightCycler® 480.
This particular style of plate is in a low profile 96-well format; perfect for reaction volumes of 10-100 µl. The wells are shorter than "standard" profile wells, which decrease the "dead space" between the heated lid of the thermal cycler and the sample in the well. This eliminates condensation forming on the side wall of the tubes, preventing reduction in PCR volume and increasing the efficiency of the reaction. This is especially recommended for reaction volumes below 20 µl.
The semi-skirted frame allows for labelling or barcoding.
Compatible with the Roche LightCycler® 480
Recommended for low volume PCR
Rigid polycarbonate frame adds to the mechanical stability of the plate - as a result thermal expansion and sample evaporation is reduced significantly, leading to an improved consistency in PCR results
Ultra-smooth, uniform, thin-walled polypropylene tubes for optimum PCR and real-time (RT, qPCR) results
Improved seal integrity due to thermal stability of frame
Compatible with standard multichannel pipettes
Ideal for use with robotic systems
0.15 ml (150 µl) working volume, 0.2 ml (200 µl) max volume
Standard plate comes with clear polypropylene wells and a clear polycarbonate frame
Also available with white wells for optimum signal-to-noise ratio when using fluorescent based assays
Raised and colour differentiated grid reference to aid well and sample identification
Available barcoded
This plate is available with linear Code 128-format barcodes to aid identification and traceability for your samples. To order your plates with barcodes, simply add /SBC to the end of the ordering code for Standard Single Barcoding, /DBC for Standard Double Barcoding, /TBC for Standard Triple Barcoding, or /QBC for Standard Quadruple Barcoding.

FrameStar® is covered by one or more of the following US patents or their foreign counterparts, owned by Eppendorf AG: US Patent Nos. 7,347, 977 and 6,340,589. FrameStar® is a registered trademark owned by 4titude®Ltd
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