TanBead Gram Bacteria DNA Autoplate Kit, CE IVD

TanBead Gram Bacteria DNA Autoplate Kit, CE IVD
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96 Test/ Kit

Gram Bacteria DNA Auto Plate provides a simple and convenient approach for DNA isolation from Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. 
The extracts of nucleic acids can be analyzed directly, such as PCR. 
DNA extraction by the TanBead magnetic bead processors is a fully automated process, which can simultaneous extract up to 96 samples. 
The system offers time-saving and effort-saving solutions.

- Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria
- 1-4 ml pellet from bacterial culture
- Incubation with Lysozyme and proteinase K (included)  at 60°C for 20 mins 

- Enteric microflora analysis
- food microorganisms