10µl ExpellPlus Tip, Filtered, Low Retention, Pre-sterile, Cartonbox

10µl ExpellPlus Tip, Filtered, Low Retention, Pre-sterile, Cartonbox
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  • 5030059C1
    10µl Expell Plus Xl Tip, Filtered, ExtraNarrow, Low Retention, Cartonbox
  • 5030063C1
    20µl Expell Plus Tip, Filtered, Low Retention, Cartonbox
  • 5030064C1
    100µl ExpellPlus Tip, Filtered, Low Retention, Sterile, Cartonbox
  • 5030089C1
    200µl ExpellPlus Tip, Filtered, Low Retention, Sterile, Cartonbox


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5x10x 96

Tips, direct to use in carton box or to reload into plastic boxes
Manufactured on superb quality, Swiss made injection molds, both Expell and ExpellPlus racked pipette tips offer universal compatibility with great majority of pipette brands on the market.
To support a wider range of applications, Capp tips are available in different lengths within the same volume range.
Capp racked pipette tips come in autoclavable racks, packed in user friendly and space saving dispenser boxes. 
Each box includes 10 racks (8 racks for 1mL tips).
Made of virgin polypropylene, all Capp racked pipette tips are RNase, DNase and Pyrogen free certified.
The ExpellPlus racked pipette tips have unique low retention properties, reducing sample binding to minimum and significantly improving your pipetting results.
Available as filter and non-filter tips, in sterile and non-sterile versions or as a reload system.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Are the PaperBox Tips sterile & PCR clean (DNAse / RNAse, human DNA, Reverse-Transcriptase- & PCR inhibitor free)?
Capp PaperBox carton racks for Filter Tips are pre-sterile and PCR clean. Each PaperBox is packed in a single foil to ensure sterility is maintained. 

Q2: How long will the PaperBox remain sterile?
Similarly to the polypropylene racks, it is important to always use a newly opened box to ensure there is no contamination. Therefore, older opened racks from the fume hood could be best used up for applications where sterility is not needed. 

Q3: Can the PaperBox racks be used as reloads only or could they also be reused?
Capp PaperBox carton racks for Filter Tips are a great eco-friendly alternative to standard racked tips. Moreover, after using up the filter tips supplied from the PaperBox, the carton racks can be reused for a few more cycles as an alternative to the conventional PP racks, along with the non-filtered tips from our reload systems when sterility is not necessary. 

Q4: Are the PaperBox racks autoclavable?
Since cellulose absorbs water, the Capp PaperBox is not steam autoclavable. But if you want to ensure the sterility of your half-used PaperBox, you can use the PaperBox insert plate as a reload for the autoclavable polypropylene racks. The autoclavable PP racks are also packed in user-friendly and space-saving dispenser boxes.

Q5: Can one mount the tips on a multichannel pipette from a Paperbox?
Paperbox works best in combination with single channel pipettes. For multichannel pipettes the best option is to use the Filter Tips delivered in the PaperBox as a reload for the PP box or to switch to reload-system for non filtered tips. 
(-) Technische Daten:
Nennvolumen: 10 µl
Konfektionierung: Box
Filter vorhanden: Ja
Sterilität: Ja