Safety Bench Scanlaf MARS 1200

Safety Bench Scanlaf MARS 1200
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The Mars is a series of dual filter Class 2 cabinets which incorporates the latest in laminator technology, energy- saving designs and HEPA-filtration.
Mars is the safety cabinet of choice when working with microbiological samples, tissue culture, viral work, non-pathogenic manipulations, IVF, research and sampling procedures.  
The Mars safety cabinets are being manufactured & tested in compliance with EN 12469.

Why choose the Mars 1200?
• Lowest power consumption: 112 W
• Lowest power consumption in power saver mode: 30 W
• Lowest sound level: 47 dBA
• Slimmest design - less space needed in the lab W x D x H (mm): 1304 x 797 x 1249
• Most light weighted cabinet: 190 kg
• Most light shipping weight without stand: 220 kg
• Most opening tested window: 200 mm
• Best working area lighting: 2000 Lux

• Energy-efficient fans and optimized air flows, contributing to lower energy consumption and reduction of the noise level.
• Less heat transmission into the work chamber and to the laboratory environment.
• Operator & Environment Safety.
• Ergonomic Design.
• Energy Efficiency.
• Noise Reduction.

Mass / Weight
• External dimensions H/W/D: 1249 x 1304 x 797mm
• Internal dimensions H/W/D: 720 x 1200 x 650mm
• Weight: 190 kg

Components also available for Mars 1200
• Shared work surface for Mars models: 300 mm wide.
                                                                 stainless steel.
• Indoor sockets: 2x let, 2x right.
• Dimmable light: fluorescent tube
• UV lamp for decontamination: installation on the top. Including timer function.
• Variable base for workbenches with 1200 mm. 
Variable in height: 750 - 800 mm
                              825 - 875 mm
                              900 - 950 mm
• For more information on components, please contact us.