Magic Prep Fast Extraction Kits

Magic Prep Fast Extraction Kits
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  • GT48E
    PCR Cycler Real Time, 4 Channel, Gradient
  • GT48R
    PCR Cycler Real Time, 2 Channel, Gradient
  • GT96R
    PCR Cycler RealTime , 4 Channel, Gradient


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DIAGNOTransfer Tube contain 1 ml Viral Nucleic Acid Extractive & preservative Liquid in a 2 ml DiagnoTransfer Tube.
When clinical specimens suspected of respiratory tract infection are transferred in this tube, the liquid inside the tube can be used directly in real-time PCR (qPCR) reactions. 
The nucleic acid extractive and protective liquid inactivate all viral, bacterial or eukaryotic pathogens in the sample 5 minutes after contact with the clinical specimen.