EZMate 6-position Automated Pipetting System (Set)

EZMate 6-position Automated Pipetting System (Set)
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Automatic Liquid Handling System including 15.6" Notebook Computer and EzStarter control software.

Also includes:
275-ezar05-00    4-channel, 50µl Pipetting Module (New Bracket).
275-ezar21-00    96 tips rack adapter.
275-ezar22-00    4*2 1.5ml tubes adapter.
275-ezar22-00    Elevated 96-well PCR plate adapter.
275-ezarA5-00    48* 1.5ml tubes adapter.

Easy-to-use system setup software without need of additional technical support.
Built-in automatic PCR/qPCR set-up protocols that support USB data transfer.

Single, 4- and 8-channel pipettes, 50µl or 200µl automated pipetting modules (APMs).

6 interchangeable standard microplate/tip rack adapters and 2 interchangeable reagent vessel adapters.

Active cooling and heating module (ACHM) options for sensitive samples/reagents.
UV lamp and HEPA filter meet the need of high-contamination assays.
Customized adapters support various types of labware.
Excellent results for qPCR standard curve and replicates.
Better precision and pipetting results than manual pipetting.

Each Automated Pipetting Module (APM) is calibrated using ISO-8655 standards and its high performance.

Applications:A wide variety of application-oriented method support, including PCR/qPCR set up, NGS preparation, Sample normalization, Reagent kit manufacturing, Cell-based assay, etc.