MyFi DNA Polymerase

 MyFi DNA Polymerase
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Unique blend of highly-efficient MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase and a proprietary proofreading enzyme that combine to give increased target affinity for use with challenging templates and inhibitor-rich samples.
Product Highlights
Robust - enzyme blend and buffering system promotes reliable amplification of the most challenging and complex targets, even in the presence of inhibitors
Sensitive - improved target affinity and high processivity ensure successful amplification in low-copy number assays
Efficient - high-yield amplification of a broad range of targets up to 10 kb from human, animal and plant template DNA
Specific - MyFi DNA Polymerase is an antibody-mediated hot-start blend that remains completely inactive during PCR set-up to prevent non-specific amplification
Convenient - advanced buffering system minimizes the requirements for PCR optimization thereby reducing time to results and eliminating the cost of unnecessary repeats
Accurate - proofreading component delivers 3.5x higher fidelity than Taq DNA Polymerase, enabling cloning of PCR products
Product Description
MyFi™ has been developed to give reliable amplification of targets up to 10 kb from challenging and complex targets, even in the presence of PCR inhibitors. MyFi is therefore ideal for amplification of cDNA libraries, complex genomic fragments and GC-rich targets. Additionally, MyFi shows improved tolerance to PCR inhibitors, thereby enabling reliable detection from samples from which DNA is difficult to purify. Furthermore, its unique buffering system and enzyme blend promote highly sensitive amplification of even very low-copy number targets. The proofreading ability of MyFi allows all PCR products to be cloned. The inclusion of MyTaq HS means MyFi generates PCR products with 3’-A overhangs, which is perfect for TA cloning. MyFi has the added convenience of room temperature reaction assembly, to avoid non-specific amplification and primer-dimer formation.