SureClean Plus

SureClean Plus
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A novel, inexpensive, column-free approach to nucleic acid recovery or concentration, ideal for use in cloning, PCR or other routine molecular biology applications.
Product Highlights
Fast – simple protocol for reliable recovery of DNA and dsRNA in as little as 30 minutes
Efficient – column-free approach to clean-up promotes recovery of up to 98% of PCR products
High-performance – extraction of nucleic acid suitable for use in all routine downstream applications
Convenient – easy-to-use optional pink dye for improved pellet visibility, thereby minimizing sample loss
Product Description
SureClean Plus provides a simple, efficient method for the purification and concentration of DNA or dsRNA from PCR reactions or any enzymatic digests, without the need for hazardous reagents.  SureClean Plus removes primers, primer-dimers, dNTPs and proteins.
The protocol allows the precipitation of nucleic acids ≥75 bp with up to 98% recovery of the original sample, without the need for organic solvents, glass milk or expensive spin columns. Samples can be resuspended in any buffer and volume of choice, thus permitting the purification process to be tailored specifically to suit downstream experimental needs.
SureClean Plus also includes a pink co-precipitant that can be added to the sample to facilitate easy visualization of the purified pellet. Co-precipitant Pink is a synthetic polyacrylamide, designed to aid recovery of nucleic acids. The co-precipitant does not interfere with downstream applications.
SureClean Plus has been designed to deliver optimal performance during cloning and after end point PCR.
End-point PCR and RT-PCR
qPCR and RT-qPCR
Southern Blotting
Buffer exchange