UVT-S-AR, DNA/RNA UV-cleaner box, with internal socket

UVT-S-AR, DNA/RNA UV-cleaner box, with internal socket
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DNA/RNA UV-cleaner box UVT-S-AR is designed for clean operations with DNA samples. UV-cleaner box provide protection against contamination.
Model is a bench-top type, made of metal framework, glass walls, working surface made of stainless steel.
UV-cleaner boxes are equipped with an open UV lamp installed in the upper hood. UV-radiation from the open lamps disinfects the working area inactivating DNA/RNA fragments during 15–30 min of exposure. A digital timer controls duration of the direct UV irradiation. A daylight lamp provides proper illumination of the working surface.
UV-cleaner boxes are equipped with a flow-type bactericidal UV cleaner–recirculator AR, which provides constant decontamination inside the box during operation. They are recommended for operations with DNA/RNA amplicons.
UV cleaner–recirculator AR consists of a UV lamp, a fan and dust filters organized in a special body so that a user working with a UV-cleaner box is protected against UV light. Recirculator increases the maximum density of UV light making it  sufficiently effective for DNA/RNA inactivation. The UV–recirculator processes 100 UV-cleaner box volumes per hour, creating permanent aseptic conditions of operation inside the UV-cleaner box.
Specially assigned moving tables T-4L (with wheel locks) with a drawer are available on request.
Advantages of Biosan UV-cleaner boxes:
Ozone free high density UV decontamination
Long living UV lamps (9,000 hours average)
Automatic switch off of UV-lamps when the protective screen is opened
Bactericidal flow-type recirculator providing permanent decontamination inside UV – cleaner box during operation
Shockproof glass walls
Low noise, low energy consumption
Tables for installation of UV-cleaner boxes
UV-cleaner boxes with the bactericidal UV cleaner–recirculator AR is the patented Biosan solution
Walls material Rear: stainless steel Sides and front: glass (EUROGLASS, Germany)
Working surface material Stainless steel
Open UV-lamp 2x30W built‑in bactericidal, TUV30WG13 UV-C
UV radiation level 15 mW / cm2 / s
Radiation type UV (λ = 253.7 nm), ozone-free
Digital time setting of direct UV exposure 1 min–24 hrs / non–stop (increment 1 min)
UV-recirculator 1 х 30W (efficiency >99% per 1 hour)
Daylight lamp (for working area illumination) 1 x TLD-30W
Thickness of side panels 4 mm
Thickness of upper front panel 8 mm
Thickness of screen 5 mm
Optical transmission 95%
UV protection >96%, UV-protection film
Working area 1200 × 520 mm
Safety features Automatic open UV-lamp switch off when screen is open
Power outlets inside the unit 3 Built-in sockets max. 1000 W and inlet for power cords
Nominal operating voltage 100-240 V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 135 W
Overall dimensions (W×D×H) 1245 × 585 × 585 mm
Weight (net / gross) 58 / 68.5 kg
Optional table T-4L (1290 × 600 × 770 mm)
Optional drawer unit LF-1 (300 × 450 × 705 mm)
Optional accessories
BS-040107-DK PDS-250, DNA/RNA removing solution, 250ml
BS-040107-AK IQ OQ document
BS-040107-CK PQ document