NucleoMag Plant kit for DNA purification from plants

NucleoMag Plant  kit for DNA purification from plants
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Flexible magnetic bead based isolation of DNA from a multitude of plant samples

Application: Isolation of DNA
Target: DNA
CE-zertifiziert: No, research use only
Technology: Magnetic bead technology
Brand: NucleoMag
Format: Magnetic beads
Verpackungseinheit: 96 Prep(s), 384 Prep(s), 2304 Prep(s)
Handling: Magnetic separation
Lysate clarification: Centrifugation
Automated use: Yes
Application note available with: Eppendorf, MASMEC, Tecan, Thermo
Sample material: Plant
Sample amount: 20–50 mg wet weight
Fragment size: 300 bp–approx. 50 kbp
Typical yield: 10–20 µg (50 mg wet weight)
Theoretical binding capacity: 0.4 µg/µL beads
Typical purity A260/A280: 1.6–1.9
Elutionsvolumen: 50–200 µL
Preparation time: 40–120 min/96 preps (excl. lysis)
Typical downstream application: enzymatic reactions, PCR, Southern blotting
Lagertemperatur: 18−25 °C
Haltbarkeit (ab Produktion): 24 Monate
Gefahrstoffe: Ja

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