PurePrep 96 automated DNA and RNA purification system

PurePrep 96 automated DNA and RNA purification system
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PurePrep 96 is an automated DNA and RNA purification system, suitable for high throughput workflows with up to 96 samples per run and process samples up to 1ml.
The device uses magnetic separation technology for different matrices like blood, cultured cells, bacteria, tissues, cell-free body fluids, and plant samples. 
The small-footprint system enables high-speed, high-quality processing with magnetic rods used to transfer magnetic beads through the various purification phases of mixing, binding, washing and elution resulting in purified DNA and RNA.
The PurePrep 96 is compatible with a diverse range of other automated systems for a complete workflow.

- 96 wells/wide volume range: 50 – 1000 μL
- High-speed extraction protocol: 15-40 minutes (dependent on sample type and method)
- Accurate temperature control system (±1°C) ensuring stability purification performance
- Very user-friendly: easy to install, operate and maintain without a computer
- UV sterilization program
- Open and multiple functions design to provide more methods for reagent optimization
- 8-plate identification design guarantees the target position
- Automatic detection of the consumable presence
- QR code identification for reagent recognition, without program selection

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