Chemi Fluoreszenz Imager Vü-FC

Chemi Fluoreszenz Imager Vü-FC
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A system designed to work with the technology you already have.

No need to build extra expense into a system when you already have devices in your laboratory that can be used instead.
The Vü sits discreetly on any laboratory bench and will link with any mobile device, tablet, laptop or computer.
All you do is capture the image.
With no camera, lens or filter wheel, there’s no fussy setups. Just push the sample drawer in and Vü does the rest.

Application: Fluorescence & Chemiluminescence

Illumination: UV integral 302nm
                      Blue light integral LED’s
                      Blue Green LED’s [optional]
                      White light conversion screen
                      White light integral LED’s

Sample size (cm): 20 x 20 [F], 10 x 10[C]
Sensor resolution: >50m pixels
Sensor lens T-Stop: 1.01
Footprint (mm): 418D x 412W x 345H
Power supply: 84 - 246v external
Connectivity: Integral Wifi & ethernet
Analysis software: 3 copies
Warranty: 2 years
Part number/s: 10-1007-07