PCR Cycler Real Time, 2 x 8 well, 2 Channel

PCR Cycler Real Time, 2 x 8 well, 2 Channel
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Q1602  Double channels and double 8-well blocks design, can run two different programs at the same time.
Small size, light weight, easy to carry.
Powerful software analysis function, which can be used for Quantitative Analysis, Melting Curve Analysis, Genotyping, etc.
-inch high-definition TFT color touch screen, and embedded win10 operating system.
20G flash memory can save 40,000 experimental data.
Printer as an optional which can print the records directly, no need to connect the computer. 
Adopting side scan technology, the detection distance is close, and the fluorescence acquisition signal is stable;
Black reaction block to avoid background noise.
Adopt the same acquisition optical path to improve the repeatability.
LED light source has the advantage of energy saving, environmental protection, long service life and maintenance free.
Front shutdown button makes file data more secure.
Constant current control circuit makes power output smooth and extends Peltier life, also improves temperature control accuracy
It has the protection functions of over-current, over temperature, power-off data self recovery, etc.
Forward and backward air vent design, can be placed side by side, saving laboratory space.
It can be supported for battery power supply, suitable for quick inspection and field inspection.

Sample capacity: 16x0,2ml (2xBwell, doubleblock).
Consumable: Clear 0,2ml PCR tube/8-tubestrips.
Temperature control technology: Malow customized Peltier allow 1.000.000 cycles.
Temperature range: 0-100°C (Resolution: 0.1°C)
MAX.Ramp Rate: 6°c/s.
Temperature fluctuation: +-0.1°C.
Uniformity: +-0.25°C.
Accuracy: +.0.25°C.
Hot Lid Temperature: 30-115°C (adjustable, default 105°C).
Temperature Control: Block/Tube
Excitation wavelenght: 469-550nm.
Emission wavelenght: F1, 520-540nm.
Factory Calibrated Dyes: F1:FAM/SYBR Greenl.
                                         F2: HEX/VIC/JOE/TET
Excitation: Long Life LED.
Detection: High sensitivity photoelectric detector.
Dynamic Range: 1-10^10. 
Sensitivity: 1copy.
Feature Function: absolute/Relative Quantification, Meltingcurve, Genotyping.
Date Export Formats: excel, csv, txt.
Printing: Report can be printed (optional USB thermal printer).
Display: 7inch color TFT touch screen, 1280x800pels.
Communicatiopn Parts: 300x267x198mm(LxWxH)
Net wweight: 5,5kg
Power: DC15V250W


    PCR Cycler Real Time, 2 Channel, Gradient CE, IVD