RNAzol® RT Reagent

RNAzol® RT Reagent
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RNAzol® RT is the most effective reagent for isolation of total RNA and small RNA from samples of human, animal, plant, bacterial and viral origin. This patented reagent(1) provides higher yield and quality of isolated RNA than previous reagents based on the single-step method. RNAzol® RT isolates pure and undegraded RNA that is ready for RT-PCR without DNase treatment.(2)

No chloroform-induced phase separation is necessary to obtain pure RNA. Just add water to remove DNA, proteins, polysaccharides and other contaminants.
The isolation procedure can be completed in less than one hour and is performed at room temperature, including all centrifugation steps.
RNAzol® RT isolates total RNA, or large RNA and small RNA in separate fractions. The large RNA fraction contains rRNA and mRNA. The small RNA fraction contains tRNA, small RNA and microRNA down to 10 bases.
The isolated RNA is ready for RT-PCR, qRT-PCR, microarrays, poly A+ selection, northern blotting, RNase protection assay and other molecular biology applications.
Due to the removal of impurities, the RNA pellets are smaller and solubilize more easily than pellets obtained from previous single-step reagents.
In addition, RNAzol® RT allows for the simultaneous isolation of RNA and DNA.
RNAzol® RT is used to isolate RNA from tissues, cells, liquid samples or blood. One milliliter is sufficient to process up to 100 mg tissue yielding 50 – 700 μg of large RNA (>200 bases) and 8 – 120μg of small RNA (200 – 10 bases).

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