Libex Nucleic Acid Extractor

Libex Nucleic Acid Extractor
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  • 3103010069
    ANDiS FAST SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR Detection Kit 5.1, CE IVD
  • T050H
    Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit


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Based on the automated extraction method of magnetic bead adsorption separation.
It can  master the shortcomings of conventional nucleic acid extraction methods and achieve rapid and efficient sample preparation.
It can process serum, plasma, whole blood, swabs, amniotic fluid, feces, tissue and tissue lavage, paraffin sections, bacteria, fungi and other sample types.

- For 1 to 32 samples.
- Can be controlled via Android system smart phones or tablets by connecting to the built-in wifi of Libex; or simply via the screen and buttons of the instrument.
- Built-in UV disinfection module.
- Ultra-silent operation. 

Product Parameters
- Sample Throughput: 1-32
- Processing Volume: 30—1000 μL
- Magnetic Bead Residue: <1%
- Applicable Consumables: 96-deep-well plates, 6-tube strips
- Heating Temperature: Pyrolysis heating: room temperature ~ 120°C
                     Elution heating: room temperature ~ 120°C
- Operating Noise: <65 dB
- Oscillation Mixing: Adjustable: multi-mode, multi-level mixing
- Reagent Type: Magnetic beads-based extraction kits
- Operation Mode: A. Remote control via smart phone /tablet (Android system)
                B. Screen/button operation
- Experimental Storage: Up to 15 sets of programs can be stored in the instrument
                      Android applications can store > 500 programs
- Program Management: Programs can be created, edited, applied and deleted with high flexibility
- Pollution Control: Built-in UV disinfection module
- Power Failure Protection: In the event of an unexpected power failure, there are options available whether or not to continue the experiment
- Network Communication: Mobile/tablet wifi remote control
                       Ethernet remote control applicable
- Size and Weight: 440 mm*435 mm*445 mm (W*D*H), 31.5 Kg