Convergys Point of care Real Time PCR System, CE/IVD

Convergys Point of care Real Time PCR System, CE/IVD
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Convergys® POC RT-PCR Nucleic Acid Detection System

The Convergys® POC RT-PCR is a point-of-care system for the fully-automated detection of nucleic acid sequences through real-time PCR technology. The gamechanger for fast SARS-CoV-2 Real-Time PCR analysis and more.

The system works with single-use cartridges, which are pre-filled with all required reagents and enzymes, and are included in the Convergys® POC PCR Detection Kits.

The patient sample material is directly applied to the cartridge; no previous nucleotide extraction is necessary. All processes are fully-automated and the results are available within 2 hours.

Detection Kits are available in many different configurations for the detection of pathogens of diseases like Dengue, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, COVID-19.

The Convergys® POC RT-PCR system is designed to offer molecular diagnostics at maximum convenience with minimum labor.

Main Features

Real-time PCR methodology
Results within 2 hours
Fully automated processing:
Sample extraction
Nucleic acid purification
Nucleic acid amplification
Data analysis
Minimal hands‑on time
Reduced exposure to infectious material
Reduced risk of application errors
Direct application of sample material, no previous extraction required

Detection Principle: Multiplex PCR, up to 5 Channels
Sample capacity: 4 independent samples
Block Temperature: 40 – 99°C
Fluorochrome/dye (Channel 1): FAM, SYBRGreen I
Fluorochrome/dye (Channel 2): HEX,VIC
Fluorochrome/dye (Channel 3): TAMRA,CY3
Fluorochrome/dye (Channel 4): TEX RED,ROX
Fluorochrome/dye (Channel 5): CY5
Fluorescence detection time: ≤ 5s

Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi
User interface: 7” Color touch screen
Working conditions: 5 – 35°C; 0 – 70% RH; 0 – 3999 m altitude
Power requirement: AC100 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz
Dimensions and weight: 380 x 305 x 343 mm, 16 kg


  • CON11005220
    Convergys Covid19 real-time PCR Kit, CE/IVD


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  • CON11005220
    Convergys Covid19 real-time PCR Kit, CE/IVD