Gentier 96 R RealTime Cycler, 4 Channel, Gradient

Gentier 96 R RealTime Cycler, 4 Channel, Gradient
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Real Time PCR Cycler 

for diagnostic and research 

Sample capacity: 96
Reaction Volume: 0-100 µl
Consumables: 0.2ml 8-strip tubes, 0.2 ml PCR single tubes, 96 well unskirt plates
Temperature range: 0°C~100°C
Heating/cooling method: Peltier
Max heating rate: 6.1°C/sec
Average heating rate: 4.5°C/sec
Max cooling rate: 5.0°C/sec
Average cooling rate: 2.8°C/sec
Temperature accuracy: ±0.1°C
Temperature uniformity; ±0.1°C
Gradient Range: 1°C~40°C
Gradient block: 12 row
Heat Lid
Temperature range: Room temperature-110°C
Optical System
Detector: Photodiode
Detection Position: Excitation and scan at top
Detection method: 6channels scanning at the same time, no edge effect
Detection time: 7 seconds for 96 wells for all channels

Range of excitation/emission wavelengths (nm):

1.465/510 (FAM,SYBR Green I, SYTO9, EvaGreen, LCGreen)
2.527/563 (HEX,VIC,TET,JOE)
3.580/616 (ROX,Texas Red)
4.632/664 (Cy5)

Probe:Taqman Probe, Molecular beacons probe, Scorpion probe

Multiplexing: Up to 4 targets optional

Fluorescence Linearity: r=0.990
Fluorescence Dynamic Range: Adjustable
Sample Linearity: /r/=0.999
Sample repeatability: Ct value CV=0.5%

Software Functions
Data Analysis modes: Qualitative analysis, Absolute quantification, Relative quantification, Genotyping analysis, Endpoint analysis, melt curve analysis, High Resolution Melting.

Control modes:
1.10.4' touch screen
2. PC direct control
3. WLAN control(One PC can control max 10 units, and device can be controled bu any PC in the WLAN)

Sample Drawer: Touch screen commend
Data Storage: Upload and download through USB disk, 1000 results can be stored in machine
Power failure protection: Automaticly start running experiments after power supply, no need wait PC software.
Customize Report: Templetes reserved, report can customized.
Administration Management: Administrator can set functions limits for users.
Transport Locker: Automaticly detect transport locker
Fault Management: Fault report and analysis, solution instruction