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  • -86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-HL778S

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  • GeneMatrix Universal RNA Purification Kit

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  • NucleoMag Covid-19 Isolation

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  • CO2 Incubator

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  • SARS-CoV2 Antigen Schnelltest

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  • LabQ 96-Well PCR Plate, Flat, Top Standard, Clear

    LabShop online - PCR 384 Well Plates, Full-Skirt, Natural, for Roche  LightCycler 480 | Mikrotiterplatte | Preis auf Anfrage view details
  • ANDis FAST SARS CoV2 Kit

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  • Carlo Erba Laminar Flow SafeFast

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  • Multi channel pipette

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  • Lab Armor Bead Bath

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  • ExpellPLus Filter Tips

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  • Cell Counter

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  • Maelstrom RNA/DNA 96 Extractor

    Maelstrom 9600 view details
  • RealTime PCR Cycler

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  • EZmate PCR Setup automatic system

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  • COVID,FLU A,B Multiplex PCR

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